David. Twenty-One. TX.

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If somebody said to me “Jessica, we need one picture we can proudly display at your funeral in front of all your loved ones so they can have something to remember you by”, I would respond by giving them this picture of Kanye West dressed like Char Aznable. 

3x Stronger

I wonder what Nik- I mean, Zeon, is gonna do with the Red Zaku since he decided to sign side w/ A… E.U.G.


the lady in the back doesn’t know nigos mouth can buy her a car

closest thing to a smile that i’ve ever seen this man


i visited tumblr 2 days in a row…

I see you, Conan-kun. 😷

*slowly turns tumblr into Pokemon blog*

Anybody want some leftover Squirtles I bred with Aura Sphere and Dragon Pulse?

also hmu w/ your 3DS friend codes.
need those Pokemon friend safaris.


Is this website worth using again?

Like, is anybody that I used to talk to still on here?